Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

the company uses conforming to the specifications ministry of surface transport.

Methodology and Application Procedure :

(1) the surface shuold be free from moisture.

(2) dust grease and any foreign matters are cleared off the surface of the road to be marked.

(3) the compound is pre-heated to around 180 degrees and transferred in application machine. glass beeds are super-imposed through a dispenser as per most specifications.

(4) suitable primer is applied when TRMP is to be applied to concrete surface.

(5) temperature of application with this machine is maintained in the range of 180 degree to 200 degreec.

(6) drop of glass beeds conforming to BS 6088 type B are sprayed while the paint through glass beeds gun attached with the paint applicator @250gms. per sq. Mtr. recommended coverage is 5 kg, TRMP per sq. Mtr on smooth surface at 2.5 mm thickness.

(7) As per specifications the dying time of paint is 5 to 8 minutes based on the temperature.

Road Signages

Traffic signs and road markings are silent speakers to the road users. Every road user should know the marking and signs on the road and the meaning there of.

Many different traffic signs are to be seen on the roads. They give advance information about road conditions ahead. Road markings also give orders, warning or guidance to drivers or riders. Learn the meaning of these signs and markings and look out for them when on the road. You will not then be surprised by a bend, a one-way street or a junction ahead. Good drivers and riders are always prepared.

Road Traffic Signs

Road signs are classified under the three heads:

(a) Cautionary Signage

(b) Informatory Signage

(c) Mandatory Signage

1. Mandatory Signs:

These signs are used to inform road users of certain laws and regulations to provide safety and free flow of traffic. These include all signs which give notice of special obligation, prohibition or restrictions with which the road user must comply. The violation of these signs is a legal offence. Some of the signs, which fall under this category, are provided as follows.

2. Cautionary Signs:

These signs are used to warn the road users of the existence of certain hazardous condition either on or adjacent to the roadway, so that the motorists are cautious and take the desired action. Some of the signs, which fall under this category, are provided as follows

3. Informatory Signs:

These signs are used to guide road users along routes, inform them about destination and distance, identify points of geographical and historical interest and provide other information that will make the road travel easier, safe and pleasant.

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